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Cabbage is harvested all year round, with many different varieties making an appearance.

Savoy - July - March Strong flavour, ideal for soup or stew.

Red Cabbage - July - December cook slowly and slice thin.

Tundra - September - March A winter cabbage - similar to a mixture between white cabbage and savoy.

White Cabbage - July - January Good for coleslaw. Quick to cook.

Hispi - May - October Will only keep 1 week. Crunchy and sweet. Best steamed or in stir-fry.

Cabbage can be boiled, steamed, braised and topped with butter as a side dish to meat dishes. Can be eaten raw in coleslaw or salad, shred into stir-fries, soup, stews or curries. 

Most varieties, kept in the fridge, will last up to 2 weeks. Discard any tough outer leaves and the central core. Wash well and for speedy slicing, roll the leaves into a sausage shape and cut. 

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